The Officers of the Lodge

Worshipful Master: Brian T. Myers

Senior Warden: Norman R. Greene III

Junior Warden: Anthony J. Bobrowciz, P.M.

Senior Deacon: Jesse N. Secunda

Junior Deacon: William B. Cook, P.M.

Senior Master of Ceremonies: Pious A. Nark

Junior Master of Ceremonies: John W. Rehrig

Pursuivent: Frank D. Robertson

Chaplain: Jack C. Chun

Secretary: John R. Davidson, P.M.

Treasurer: Craig R. Keyser

Past Masters Memorial

1900 Charles I. Baker

1901 Samuel Roberts

1902 Oliver Lenhard

1903 Harry Cripler

1904 Lamual H. Zeiders

1905 Hoerdd W. Smith

1906 Dabid F. Templeton

1907 Reinoehl Knipe

1908 James Cresson

1909 George W. Newitt

1910 Thomas J. Jamison

1911 H. Walton Wood

1912 Harry S. Ganser

1913 B. Altmore Dowlin

1914 Thomas Bishop

1915 Joel D. Brown

1916 Leslie H. Fox

1917 John W. Thomas

1918 Levi W.S. Jones

1919 Thomas H. Livezey

1920 Clark F. Hess

1921 John F. Ribble

1922 Howard F. James

1923 Harry S. Custer

1924 Edger E. Schmidt

1925 Philip L. Wisler

1926 Clarence F. Thomas

1927 Henry D. Mullineaux

1928 John H. Rex

1929 William H. Baker

1930 Harry Wilson

1931 J. Roscoe Smith

1932 Harry Morris

1933 C. Vorhees Honeyman

1934 J. Lewis Baker

1935 Charles Bauer, Jr.

1936 G Edward Wisler

1937 Carl F. Seidel

1938 Alexander S. Mack

1939 Howard F. Reichard

1940 Claude E. Stein

1941 Charles E. Ramsey III

1942 Walter E. Smith

1943 Everly K. Wilson

1944 William E. Brittain

1945 Jessee E. Slough

1946 Richard M. Parry

1947 John H. Bolton

1948 D. Russell Weber

1949 George H. Kantner

1950 Franklyn W. Wagner

1951 William B. Mattern

1952 William T. Heywood

1953 Stephen A. Ryan

1954 Albert A. Glover

1955 Theodore R. Baker

1956 Charles E. Mann

1957 M. Leonard Friedman

1958 Frederick R. Brown

1960 Waace F. Smiley

1961 Henry F. White

1962 Charles E. Martin

1963 William E. Neeld

1964 John R. Ruth, Sr.

1966 Herbert L. Lintz 

1968 Reihard Jungnickel

1969 Robert Johnson

1970 Robert T. Dudley

1971 William E. Ronan

1972 William R. McCaughey

1973 Nelson M. Baird Jr.

1974 William F. Heise

1975 William J. Peters

1976 Thomas F. Cassey

1977 Raymond L. Lewis

1978 Donald J. Stilley

1979 Edward F. Baird

1980 Robert F. Hemmerle

1982 Carles A. St. John

1983 Harvey C. Sypherd

1985 Raymond L. Lewis

1986 Robert Johnson

1989 David W. Drissel, Sr.

1990 David W. Drissel, Sr.

1994 David W. Drissel, Sr.

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